Back Pain Relief from Dr. Soothe

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  •   Soothing Hot or Cold Therapy
  •   Pain & Stress Relief
  •   Immediate Results
  •   Full Compression
  •   Adjustable
  •   Lightweight/Breathable
  •   Anti-Microbial Technology
  •   Washable

Entire Posterior Torso

  • Ever tried to ice different parts of your back or apply a heating pad to different spots? That thought alone was enough start the Dr. Soothe team on the path to find a solution. BackRelieve allows everyone to now find the relief they need – no matter what part of your back is the main source of pain.

Pain & Stress Relief

  • Back pain sufferers know the symptoms are just the beginning. A sore or aching back interferes with daily activities, impacts your mood and will even prevent you from sleep. BackRelieve is a 100% drug free therapy to manage and soothe back pain. BackRelieve is designed for everyone and is doctor recommended.

Fully Adjustable

  • BackRelieve’s design goes so much further than sewing some hot and cold surfaces into the back of a vest. BackRelieve’s active compression system enables the user to select ideal compression for hot/cold therapy – making it easy to address the once, hard-to-reach neck area – with equal control afforded to every across the back.